Mr Drew Shows Off His Twin Brother As They Dance Together In New Video

Mr Drew, a Ghanaian musician, posted a video on his Instagram page that surprised many people. Drew was dancing with his twin brother in the video.

The two had strikingly similar facial features. Their only distinguishing feature was their hairstyle. Mr Drew wore his infamous bald look, while his brother wore his hair in a rasta style.

The adorable twins wore matching tops as they demonstrated their enthralling dance moves, which had Ghanaians in awe.

Mr Drew is well-known for his ability to dance, but no one knew he had a brother who could dance and looked exactly like him.

The video received a lot of attention. Netizens couldn’t stop marveling at how much the brothers resembled each other.

reachghanadotcom said:

We are still trying to figure out the real Mr Drew in this video

nesly_nefertiti also commented:

Same face

_oyoeb wrote:

Blood is thicker than water

_meekaydc made a funny comment:

By their nose you shall know them

deborah.serwaaakoto was in awe:

Awwwwwww the resemblance