“Most Of Us Will Drop Out Of School If Married Men Decides To Take Care Of Only Their Wives” – Beautiful Nurse Claims (Video)

A young Ghanaian lady recorded herself making an odd comment, and many social media users couldn’t stop laughing after seeing it.

Many Ghanaians have heard rumors that some nursing students have been dating married men in order to obtain money from them to fund their education.

These rumors appear to be true, as the Ghanaian nurse in this video has confirmed what some of her coworkers have been doing.

She claims to know a number of her friends dating married men. These men provide them with financial support in exchange for sexual satisfaction.

These men, however, may have ignored the needs of their wives, children, and extended family members in order to give their money to these young girls.

According to the nurse in the video, “God says we should speak the truth; if all married men decide to take care of their wives and devote their lives solely to them, most of us will drop out of school. They have been performing admirably “.

After seeing this video, some Ghanaians stated that what the lady is saying is true. Most men neglect their families to pursue these nursing students, who are most attractive and good in bed.

Watch her video below;