"Most Ghanaian celebrities are bleeding inside, but act like everything is ok"- Mzvee 1

“Most Ghanaian celebrities are bleeding inside, but act like everything is ok”- Mzvee

Mzvee, a Ghanaian diva, has confirmed that most of the smiling celebrities we see on the internet are not as happy as we believe outside of social media.

Most celebrities are depressed behind the scenes, according to the former Lynx Entertainment signee, but they have chosen to remain silent and deal with their issues privately.

In an interview with Kastle Fm in Cape Coast, the celebrated singer explained that since their followers look up to them for inspiration, they must act joyful even when things are not going well.

She said,

 Definitely being a celebrity comes with a lot of pressure. Because you being in the public eye, you almost don’t have a private life. People are looking at everything you’re doing and you always have to be upbeat and happy.

You can’t have a dull moment because you go somewhere and someone who has been watching you on TV for so many years who loves you will see you and want to say hi. They expect you to be happy, smile and say hi but so you can’t be sad

There’s no day that you can be sad, everyday you have to be happy because the minute you show that you’re not happy or you frown your face or something they think you’re not being nice, but you’re a human and you also have problems.“But because you’re in the public eye you always have to be smiley and there’s no moment for you to be down. So it’s a very difficult job, it’s very very difficult to be a celebrity

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