“Money and power cannot save you from coronavirus, it is time to get closer to God”- Duncan Williams

Founder and leader of Action Chapel International, Archbishop Duncan Williams has revealed in his Good Friday sermon to his congregation that the world has been brought to its knees because of coronavirus.

He revealed that the virus has made us realize that money and power cannot save us and that it is time to get closer to the almighty God.

“I think this is a lesson for all of us, to begin to re-examine our motives. You have monies you cannot use. You have monies in the banks and you can’t even go to withdraw it. You have properties in different parts of the world, you cannot fly there to go and stay. You have the keys hidden somewhere. You cannot go anywhere you are grounded. All those nice expensive cars are parked. You cannot drive them. All the things you possess that you are proud of, you cannot be proud of anymore. GUCCI shoes, watches and bags, you cannot use them. God knows for how long,” he stated.

He went on further to reveal that he is not against getting wealth and material things in the world, but those things cannot save us if we need it the most.

“I’m not saying you shouldn’t have things, have them. But you have to be careful that your faith, confidence, and hope don’t depend on any of these things. That your confidence is not derived from money but rather God’s word,” he added.