Moana 2 trailer 2022 (New Amination)

Moana 2 trailer

Moana 1 was a huge hit for Disney in 2016. It should come as no surprise that the animated film, which took in $650 million globally, topped the box office.

Ron Clements’ Academy Award-nominated picture has a compelling storyline, spectacular graphics, and a great soundtrack.

Although Walt Disney Animation Studios hasn’t made any firm statements about it, fans are looking forward to its return.

Moana 2

But given how well-liked the film is among viewers, we expect finding out about its sequel soon.

Moana 2’s narrative

The movie featured Moana, a courageous and tenacious young woman who served as the focal focus of the narrative.

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She is selected by the sea in Moana 1 to defend the people of the Polynesian town.

The major goal of the movie was to discover more about Moana’s true identity.

The female protagonist is on a mission to find Maui, a god, and ultimately return a magical artifact to the Goddess.

They fight hurdles and monsters together until Moana returns to her home and assumes the responsibility of Wayfinder for her people.

Moana 2 is intended to pick up where Moana 1 left off.

The first Latina Disney princess has also been the subject of rumors surrounding the movies.

The remainder of the movie will be full of surprises as a result.

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Below are some fan made trailers of the upcoming Moana 2 movie

Watch Moana 2 trailer