Missing children found dead inside pastor’s car in Ashanti Region

People of Fawoade, in the Kwabre East Municipality of the Ashanti Region, were shocked to discover yesterday that two missing children had died after being reportedly locked up in a car park.

Missing children found dead inside pastor’s car in Ashanti Region 1

From a report filed by Pulse Ghana, the dead, Blessed Yiedie Boadu Boakye, 2, and Emmanuel Ahoto, 3, reportedly suffocated after being trapped in the car of Prophet Evans K. Oppong, the lead pastor of Light Salvation Ministry International.

During a church service, the corpses of the children were discovered in the boot of a Kia four-wheel drive with the registration number ER201-13.

The mother of one of the victims, who narrated her account, said that her child approached her during the church service but then went out to play with friends in the children’s service.

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She said that after waiting hours without hearing from the children, who normally return home after playing, the mother and some church members became concerned and launched a search for children.

The children were discovered dead in the car boot after the church closed after a long search for the children and the pastor had to pick up his car and head home.

According to reports, the kids reportedly managed to get inside the trunk of the vehicle while playing, and they were unable to exit the tinted window glassed car when all doors were stuck.

Both children were then taken to Mamponteng Hospital, where they were pronounced dead. The remains have now been stored at the Mount Zion morgue, where they will be autopsied.

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The incident was announced to the Mampongteng District Police Command.