Who is Miriam Margolyes's Partner Heather Sutherland
Who is Miriam Margolyes's Partner Heather Sutherland

Miriam Margolyes Husband: Who is Miriam Margolyes’s Partner Heather Sutherland?

Miriam Margolyes is a prominent British-Australian born actress who has had a big impact on our television screens. Miriam is currently 81 years old.

The British-Australian actress established stage presence in her early theater roles and is renowned for her flirtatiousness.

Miriam received a BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Minor Role after playing a number of supporting roles in The Age of Innocence.

Mariam’s big break came soon after when she was chosen to play Professor Sprout in the Harry Potter movie series.

Miriam was born in Oxford on May 18, 1941, and holds dual British and Australian citizenship.

Who is Miriam Margolyes’s Partner Heather Sutherland?

Heather Sutherland is a retired Australian academician and former history professor with a high reputation.

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She identifies as a lesbian. She was born in Australia on September 22, 1952.

Miriam has been married to Heather Sutherland, an Australian, since 1968.

Heather studied Indonesian history and has taught at many universities including Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, and the Netherlands.

Mariam and Heather started dating in 1967 and have been together since then. They don’t live together, but they travel to London, Tuscany, and Australia on occasion.

According to the Express, Miriam stated that the beauty of the couple’s long-term relationship is “not living together.”

Miriam Margolyes Net Worth

Miriam Margolyes is estimated to be worth between $6 and $10 million. She is still making a respectable living at the age of 81.

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