“Men love me but they don’t talk about marriage what is wrong”- Beautiful lady laments.

A pretty lady has taken to social media to lament about her love life and how men refuse to propose marriage to her.

According her, men seems to love her but when it comes to popping the big question about marriage they seems to slow down.

she wrote this long note on facebook and added her picture so people could see if there was something wrong with her.

It’s me to my previous lover whom I played and regret!

it’s meaningless to say that you and i were meant to be. i mean, come on, you and i never saw eye to eye. you were an optimistic butterfly, twittering about happily in your own world and i was a brooding asshole who carried the weight of the world on my shoulders.

"Men love me but they don't talk about marriage what is wrong"- Beautiful lady laments. 1
but when I met you, it was like a spark lit up inside of me and suddenly something had meaning: you. I was drawn to you like a moth is too bright light.

i just had to do everything i could to protect you from the reality that you didn’t seem to see just to be able to witness your smile, and laugh, and, all the emotions that i just couldn’t feel myself.

until… i did start feeling them.

how was i supposed to know that while you were trying to make me happy, i was giving you sadness? when i was hiding the harsh truths because of concern, you thought i was betraying you. when i was saving you from the assholes and being protective, you thought i was caging you.

i won’t lie, i was selfish for a while and convinced myself that it was nothing when i saw your smile fade a little by little each day. i didn’t want to lose you.

i had fallen in love with you and you had fallen out of it.

i just wanted you to know that there will always be a piece of you in me.

who am i kidding? you are the best part of me. and i’m grateful for that.

"Men love me but they don't talk about marriage what is wrong"- Beautiful lady laments. 2

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