“Men Are The Cheapest Thing To Get” – Lady Claims (Video)

A young Ghanaian lady, probably between the ages of 18 and 25, recorded herself on camera revealing some secrets about men, and many social media users couldn’t stop talking about it after seeing it.

In the video, the lady stated that if a lady is single, she chooses to be single. This is because a woman looking for a man to sleep with is the easiest thing on the planet.

She went on to say that most women choose not to give men the opportunity to sleep with them. If they continue to pursue men in the same way that some men have pursued women, there will be no virgin men left in the world.

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This is what she said in the typical Twi language,

“If a lady is single and she is minding her own business, it is her own choice to remain single. I want you to understand that it is not because she cannot get any man to propose to her or call her. This is because the easiest thing to get in this world is a man. Men are cheaper than fufu and light soup”.

Watch her video below;