“Men are goats and some are Donkeys”- Princess Shyngle insults all men as he get angry with her Boyfriend

Actress Princess shyngle has taken a swipe at men and her boyfriend in particular for asking too much of her.

The actress was so pissed off she threw some heavy insults his way.

“Men are Goats, some are idiots,donkeys.” she said

She disclosed that her man came into her life and approached her for a relationship, she agreed and he bought her an expensive car which she appreciates., now the man is over-demanding of her and asking her to act like a wife.

“now oga thinks he has the right to give me command like; go and cook continental dish,Gambian and Nigerian dish for me and my friends”. she added

“Are you mad, are you an idiot, do i look like your maid or mother? you are an idiot and i am not here to cook or impress any man. she furiously said.