Meet the 57 years old nurse who dances at the ward every day to heal patients with laughter (video)

The new crop of nurses have been tagged as impatient and uncaring by many sick people.

But this veteran nurse is making her patients smile everyday to help in the healing process.

The name of a 57 years old nurse is on the lips of every social media user after a video of her dancing to entertaining sick people before treatment went viral online.

Gumede Thathakahle is her name and according to her, she does this every day to make sure her patients feel love and encourage them to fight through their disease.

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She wrote; “Thanks all of you. Sometimes you do something routinely and without thinking and you are surprised of the positive impact on other people. I do this almost everyday because there’s always something in me that wishes to reach the hearts of the sick person and make him feel wanted and love and laugh the pain away, whether physical or emotional pain”

watch the video below.