Meet the 24-year-old Lady who was born without arms but manages to complete all of her tasks with her feet [Video]

Whatever situation you are in or the difficulties you are facing, keep in mind that someone wants to be like you and will also be thankful to suffer the circumstances you are talking about. Never allow your limitations to limit your skills.
Kashmiere Culberson, a stunning lady born without arms who hails from Dallas, Texas, is seen enjoying seafood with her legs in a video spotted by us.

The lady in the video is seen eating lobsters on her knees, which is incredible. Kashmiere seems to love what she does and never doubts herself despite her limitations.

Kashmiere has her own YouTube channel, where she can be seen having fun with her family while eating with her feet to impress her fans.

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Unlike other disabled people who may become powerless as a result of their disabilities, Kashmiere chooses to accept her situation.

Check out the video below: