Meet Anthonel Ohenewaa Agyapong, Kennedy AGyapong's Look alike daughter 1

Meet Anthonel Ohenewaa Agyapong, Kennedy AGyapong’s Look alike daughter

Anthonel Ohenewaa Agyapong, the 23-year-old daughter of Hon Kennedy Agyapong and one of the seven (7) gorgeous daughters of the social media law-maker known as The Agyapong Family (Agy Sisters) provided 10 details about herself.
there are seven , Kennedy Agyapong’s daughters on social media, who just want to share their lifestyle and affection with the world.

Their names and ages are as follows: Anthonel Agyapong, 23, Amanda Agyapong 23, Christabel Agyapong 22, Tracey Agyapong 21, Gernaldine Agyapong 21, Abby Agyapong 21 and Yvonne Agyapong 16.

in a question and answer activity with their fans, they have announced that they are all single and ready to mingle and have also revealed some untold information about themselves.

All seven daughters on the Instagram community page gave ten information about themselves as a way to connect with their online peers and fans.

Anthonel Ohenewaa Agyapong, a woman who looks the same as Kennedy Agyapong among all seven, has also provided some information about herself.

Anthonel Agyapong is , a sports lover, a model, and actually a Covid scientist at a lab in Washington, D.C.

In her spare time, Anthonel Ohenewaa Agyapong is involved in crocheting and reading books.

Anthonel Ohenewaa Agyapong has studied public health and pre-dental sciences, but is still in school to finish her post-graduate degree to render her a better choice for dental school.

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Here are the ten facts of Anthonel Ohenewaa Agyapong, the 23 year old daughter of Hon Kennedy Agyapong:

Akwaaba Everyone!! My name is Anthonel (pronounced Anthony + Nell at the end), the female look alike of Kennedy Agyapong 😂 On this beautiful day I’ll be sharing 10 facts about myself❣️


1. I absolutely love love LOVE to work out! I am obsessed with anything fitness (nutritional eating, new workouts, workout clothes etc)

2. I am pescatarian (seafood replaces meat in my diet) and have been for almost 5 years!

3. Another love I have on the same level of working out is reading! My favorite genre are books focusing on positive thinking and manifestation. I just finished an amazing book called the Secret that I’m adding to my favorites along with the three books in slide 7

4. My top favorite genre of movies is actually animation 🤫 I love watching animation movies and tv cartoons with my little siblings! A big part of me loves children and is a child at heart

5. My favorite animal is the Elephant! I have elephant figures and art all around my room as they are animals that represent good luck, peace and patience (My two sisters visited Columbia and brought me back a beautiful gold elephant figure that bought me to tears, if that’s not love I don’t know what is 🥺)

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6. Although I love to travel, I absolutely hate flying! I have a fear of heights (see slide 8 for my last trip to Tulum, Mexico 😍)

7. I am currently a Covid scientist for a lab in Washington, D.C.

8. I am also currently in school completing a post grad program to make me a stronger candidate for dental school (see slide 5 for my undergrad graduation)

9. I discovered two new hobbies of mine during quarantine and one of them is clothes crocheting! I’ve made several tops and made a skirt! I am currently working on a new two piece ( see slide 9 for one of the tops I crocheted)

10. My newest hobby is modeling! It’s developed into a passion that I enjoy getting to express another side of me while meeting talented photographers and recreating amazing concepts! Don’t be surprised if you see me in the next fashion week 😉


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