Medikal’s look alike surfaces on social media (watch video)

This year is the year of lookalikes, as a guy who claims to look like rapper Medikal has emerged, despite the fact that he bears no similarity to AMG Medikal.

Yesterday, an alleged resemblance of Black Sherif was caught singing his song at a wedding, and now, a lookalike of Medikal has surfaced on the internet, although this time he is only attempting to look like him.

The individual has no physical similarity to Medikal other than the fact that he has shaved his hair in the same manner as Medikal and wears spectacles as large as Medikal, which leads him to believe he resembles the AMG prince.

Some netizens commenting on the video were all laughing after learning there was just a little similarity between the person and Medikal, while others were making fun of the overall scenario in which only celebrities with money lookalikes are surfacing.

Watch the video below;