Medikal deletes $10,000 Rolex watch receipt after social media users Tagged FBI

Medikal has been referred to as a “game boy” or a “fraud boy” on many occasions. It comes from the fact that he is a member of the AMG group, whose top executive, Criss Waddle, is often referred to as such.

Medikal is in hot water today after a Rolex he flaunted online was discovered to be a fake.

Medikal says he paid $10,000 for the Rolex, but he was exposed by a German site that specializes in revealing celebrities who buy phony things to flaunt online.

Medikal is badly bleeding as a result of the blog revealing that his watch is a fake and a hoax.

As is to be predicted, social media is now mercilessly mocking him.

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Meanwhile, Medikal shared some receipts from his purported fortune, saying he paid $10,000 for the watch and flaunting wads of cash.

Those messages, though, were soon removed by him.

According to Medikal, several social media users tagged the FBI under those posts, asking him to justify how he amassed so much money, prompting him to remove the messages.

He should not just show up and ‘kee’ himself, otherwise he would end up like Hushpuppi or some of the other notorious scam boys who have caught the FBI’s attention!