Medikal and Fella Makafui had 4 abortions in 11 months

Fella makafui and Medikal have been dominating the news for some time now over their break up issue.

Fella and Medikal’s break up was mostly due to the fact that MDK was chopping slay queens and that angered fella.

Another thing that is emerging is that MDK and Fella had 4 abortions in 11 months.

A report sighted on Ghanapage reveals a source disclosed this news to the portal.

According to the source, Fella aborted the babies because MDK told her he was not ready to be a Father, Fella also did not want to become a baby mama and risk been laughed at.

The source, according to Ghanapage is close to Fella and there could be some truth in what was disclosed.

Meanwhile, Fella and Medikal look like they are never coming back together, with Fella in a leaked chat saying she wants to leave Ghana so she can clear her head.