“Mcbrown is a woman with Pedigree” – Ayisha Modi Expresses Admiration for Nana Ama McBrown

Ayisha Modi, a social media personality from Ghana who lives in the USA, has expressed her admiration for actress and TV presenter Nana Ama McBrown.

Ayisha Modi posted a photo of McBrown on Instagram and tagged her in the post. In the post, Ayisha Modi said that McBrown deserves homage from all of humanity. She also called McBrown a blueprint of the soul child and a majestic grace of African woman with pedigree.

Nana Ama McBrown is a famous actress and TV presenter in Ghana. She’s been in many movies and TV shows, and she’s won lots of awards for her acting. She has been in the news lately because she switched from hosting a show on UTV to Onua TV. however, Ayisha Modi is joining in the praise for McBrown.

It’s always nice to see people supporting each other, especially in the entertainment industry. Nana Ama McBrown and Ayisha Modi are both talented and successful women, and it’s great to see them showing each other love and respect.