Massive Speculations As Popular Actresses Mercy Johnson And Destiny Etiko Unfollow Each Other on Instagram

Mercy Johnson and Destiny Etiko, two beloved Nollywood actresses, have been in the news lately due to reports of them unfollowing each other on Instagram. 

This comes as a surprise to many fans who had previously admired their close relationship. Observant followers were quick to notice the shift in their social media behavior. 

Some have speculated that there may be a feud or disagreement between the two actresses, but neither has publicly commented on the situation. 

Despite the unfollowing, both Mercy Johnson and Destiny Etiko continue to share their daily lives and professional endeavors on Instagram, with their posts still garnering thousands of likes and comments from their dedicated fan base. 

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It remains to be seen if the two will reconcile and restore their friendship, but for now, their social media activity has left many wondering what could have caused the rift between the two Nollywood stars.

Below is a screenshot;