“Marry your Jobs before your wife, if not if you go broke she will leave you”- Kennedy Agyapong.

Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, an articulate Ghanaian senator, has given some advice to young men.

"Marry your Jobs before your wife, if not if you go broke she will leave you"- Kennedy Agyapong. 1

He believes that a man should take his work very seriously because it is critical to his future in life.

Kennedy Agyapong claimed that if a man does not have enough money to support his wife or family, his wife or girlfriend will most likely leave him.

On his Accra-based Net 2 TV, he said

“You should marry your job, The second key to success is to do so. ‘Honesty’ and ‘hard work’ are the first two. You should marry your work before your wife,” he said.

“If you don’t have cash, a woman will leave. Take my word for it. Your company will fail if you do not take your job seriously and prepare for it every morning.

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“If you marry your career, your wife will see you as a real man until the money starts rolling in. When they make a little money, some of these Ghanaian men want to play with guys like me,” the Assin Central MP announced.

Many Ghanaian employees, according to Kennedy Agyapong, are criminals who rob from the businesses that employ them.

“Ghanaians have a horrible attitude that we need to discuss. Most Ghanaian workers are thieves. I repeat again, they are thieves. “Stealing is not just about taking a cup that doesn’t belong to you. If you are a manager and your workers are supposed to report to work at 8:00am and you don’t say anything when they arrive at 10:00am, who do you expect to make up for those two hours.

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“I’m wealthy – wealthy in the way that I’m truthful. I’m not wealthy in terms of money, but I am wealthy in terms of honesty,”