Man returns from abroad to find someone building a 4 bed room house on his plot of land (PHOTO)

Anthony Mukwita, a diplomat and award-winning Zambian writer, recently returned to his native country after nearly a decade overseas to discover that a piece of land he purchased years earlier had been repossessed.

Mukwita was the deputy ambassador at the Zambian Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden, where he lived with his wife Elaine and their two children, Lubinda and Lushomo.

When he returned to his hometown to spend this great Christmas season, his happiness was shattered when he discovered that one of his properties had been taken.

Man Returns Home From Abroad, Finds Out Someone Is Building 4-Bedroom House On His Land, Many React (Photo)

Clearly, the unknown guy took advantage of his absence and acquired not just the land but also began developing it.

“Some wise guy has started and is almost completing building a four-bedroomed house. The land is jointly in our name spouse and me. What would you do?” The winner of the World Bank Investigative Journalism Award asked on social media.

People on social media have urged He should find the owner and sell the land to him so that both persons do not lose their money.

Some, on the other hand, believe that he has been absent from his land for so long that it has appeared abandoned, making it vulnerable to repossession and appropriation.