Man in tears after finding out that his beautiful daughter is not for him but for another man

Daniel Robinson, a sad father, has lamented bitterly about his recent discoveries about his six-year-old daughter. Daniel stated that he had been training his baby girl since she was born, only to discover that she is not his biological child.

Daniel, who became a single father for four years, went so far as to drop out of school and incur massive debts in order to care for his daughter.

Unfortunately, six years after her birth, the child’s mother revealed to him that the child was not his. They then performed a DNA test, which revealed that he was not the father.

Daniel said, while sharing screenshots of the test results and photos of his daughter:

“Tired. I’ve kept my peace as long as possible but I feel like it’s time to tell my story. I’ve loved this little girl while she was still a fetus inside of her mother. I dropped out of school to be a full time father. I worked whatever hours possible. I even became a SINGLE FATHER for 4 years!

“I’ve went into debt, I gave my absolute all, even scrapped change for wipes. Only to find out 6 years later that I had been being lied to and manipulated. She knew and half of her friends did too. I am hurt and angry. No I am NOT okay.”

Cheif Woods said:

“Praying for you Boone. Cherish the memories and moments you’ve had with her.” m

Marissa Jones stated:

“Man I’m so sorry to hear that, but that little girl know is you. Your all she know, that bond will matter to her even more when she realizes it in the future!”

Ramona Love reacted:

“I’m sorry to hear this, but I know that you still love her the same.”

Verse Seven noted:

“U didn’t deserve that bro. It’s ok tho, u still the man. And THAT IS YOUR BABY, dam what the test says. You’re all she knows.”

Donald Grady remarked:

“I’m sorry to hear that bro. You didn’t deserve it. Her actions harmed two people; you and the baby. I hope you can recover bro.”