Man cries after he returns from a trip to find out his two wives were lesbians dating each other.

An unnamed man is in distress and is crying for assistance after witnessing his two wives’ disturbing acts.

According to him, his line of work requires him to be away from home on a regular basis, leaving his two wives behind in various locations, allowing his first wife to accommodate her junior.

It’s also come to the point that, following his return from vacations, the women who were once dogs screaming at each other now pose peacefully together as though they’ve never had any issues before, and it wasn’t until he took one’s cell that he learned his two wives were Lesbians sleeping with each other while he was away.

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“I just found out that my two wives are dating. Dani they are Lesbians. They use to be enemies and l was shocked that they just became best of friends. I work with an NGO and l travel alot. Anytime l travel outside the country my first wife invites my second wife for a sleep over and even stays there till l come back. My women are in love. Are they planning to kick me out? Am worried man. The kind of messages, pictures and sex videos that the two women are sharing 😭😭😭😭😭 help me people.” He wrote to Dani

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