Lover told there were siblings after they finished making plans to marry

Two in love individuals have received the shock of their lives after they dated for some time and wanted to take it further to marriage.

Rose Wanjiku and her boyfriend John Njoroge were told they could not marry because they were siblings.

In Africa, marrying a relative is considered taboo and therefore the couple was asked to break up.

“After I took her for introduction to my parents, I was told my father had another wife and we were thus brother and sister,” Njoroge narrated.

The lady also expressed her shock and said she was now even afraid to date again because the person might also turn out to be her brother.

“I cannot even fall in love with another person because I am scared he will also turn out to be my relative,” said Wanjiku.

The couple were interviewed on Kameme TV.

cleric from AIC Rungiri Parish told the Media Max owned TV that parents should take it upon themselves to introduce kids to close and distant relatives to avoid such an unfortunate thing.

“Parents should take it upon themselves for their children to know each other and this is only possible in family get-togethers.

They should do it even if it’s once a year so that children can know their kin,” said the cleric.