‘Love is not enough to sustain a relationship’- Yvonne Afrane

Yvonne Afrane, a businesswoman and self-employed marketer, has reported that people should stop getting into relationships if their families do not accept them due to ethnic differences. This is because she believes that being loved is insufficient to sustain a relationship.

On eTV Ghana’s Girl Vibes with Mercy Bee as the host, she debated whether tribal disparities can impact relationships and urged people to go where they are respected rather than accepted.

“When it comes to a relationhips, love is never enough because it consists of two social backgrounds, but if you get self-centered and your emotions come into play, you end up getting hurt,” Yvonne explained.

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She followed this up by discussing two people she met who married purely for the sake of love, despite their families’ opposition. They finally split because the love they had for each other was inadequate to save their life.

“It’s easier to end it once you know your parents are unable to co-exist with you. It would be painful for you to say goodbye, but as I always say, love is not and never will be enough. You’ll be annoyed, fed up, and a lot of other stuff, but if you’re not prepared for the aftermath, you can ease yourself out of it as soon as you see the red flags,” the businesswoman said.