Lilwin Finally Opens Up On Funny Face's Meme ' say Fim' - Screenshot 1

Lilwin Finally Opens Up On Funny Face’s Meme ‘ say Fim’ – Screenshot

For the past few days, the internet has been flooded with the beef between comic actors Funny Face, Lilwin, Kalybos, and Bismark the Joke.

during the beef, Funny Face dared Lilwin and co to say ‘Fim’ and he will drop all their dirty secrets in the air.

the number of hours Funny Face gave to them passed but none of them came out to say ‘fim’.

well, one fan of Funny Face who was eager to hear Lilwin saying ‘Fim’ went to his Twitter handle and asked him why he didn’t say ‘fim’.

Lilwin savagely replied to the fun that saying ‘Fim’ will never put food on his table.

here is how it happened;

lilwin openes up to funny face meme 'fim'

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