Lesbian couple take social media by storm as one proposed and the other said yes (video)

Lesbianism is fast becoming part of our society today.

In a video that is fast going viral online; a lesbian proposed to her girlfriend and she was quick to say yes.

sharing the video on social media, she wrote.

“I can’t promise you that dark clouds will never hover over our lives or that the future will bring us many rainbows. i can’t promise you that tomorrow will be perfect or that life will be easy but I can promise you my everlasting devotion,my loyalty,my respect and my unconditional love for a lifetime.

I can promise you that i will always be here for you,to listen and to hold your hand,and I will do my best to make you happy and make you feel loved.i can promise you that i will see you through crisis and pray with you,dream with you,build with you and always cheers you on and encourage you.

I can promise that i will willingly be your protector,your advisor,your counselor,your friend,your family and your everything….
Thanks for loving me my crown”

watch the video below.