Lady visits Jehovah Witness church to ask why they don’t go around preaching anymore (watch video)

After a video of a young woman’s visit to a Jehovah’s Witness kingdom hall went viral, many people took to social media to talk about the event.

The inquisitive Nigerian woman revealed that she went to the Jehovah’s Kingdom hall to find out the reason why the members of the hall no longer go to people’s houses to preach like they used to. She wanted to know why they stopped doing this.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are widely considered to be among the most devout Christians in the world. In addition to winning souls for Christ, these members are recognized for making personal visits to the homes of individuals in order to share the gospel with them. However, it appears that they have discontinued their trips ever since the COVID-19 virus epidemic began.

The Tik Toker, who was named Queen Askia, paid a visit to one of the kingdom halls to inquire about the reason why they had stopped paying intimate visits to individuals.

In response, the young man told her that they had stopped doing that because COVID-19 was spreading.

On the other hand, the woman’s decision to go on such a trip has gotten a lot of feedback on the internet.

Watch the video below.