Lady Mistakenly shares her ‘nvde’ with her boyfriend’s mom

A lady has asked for advice from relationship counselor Joro Olomofin , after she made a huge mistake.

According to the lady who shared the post anonymously, she shared her nude pictures with her boyfriend’s mom.

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She revealed that she got confused after the mother used her son as profile picture, she said she later deleted the pictures after realizing it was a mistake but her in-law to be had already seen the pictures.

Hi Joro Good day, on Tuesday morning 7 am I mistakenly sent nude to my boyfriend mom because she was using his picture as her do on WhatsApp before I could delete it showed she read it I still deleted it but I kNow she saw it and probably took a screenshot of it Joro my heart shattered 0 shattered to elements

She loves me as a daughter she invited me to join her prayer group in December of 2019 now this. How can I recover because we lied to her that I’m celibate My boyfriend said she will get over before years end but I don’t no o How will I look her in the eyes on Sunday in Church I feel ashamed Joro Is my relationship over? Can I ever recover? I am so ashamed I feel low and stupid” she wrote.

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Lady Mistakenly shares her 'nvde' with her boyfriend's mom 1