Lady goes N@k3t, shows her heavy 'buubs' in a new video 1

Lady goes [email protected], shows her heavy ‘buubs’ in a new video

A lady has gone [email protected] in a new video just for trend.

we always wake up to see something new and shocking, people, doing weird things just for trends and money.

well, a young lady has gone the extra mile of going [email protected] to show her heavy and rounded ‘buubs’ in a new video.

the lady was actually shaking her heavy ‘buubs’ which looks like she has gone under the knife.

what we didn’t understand was while recording herself, she failed to show off her face, could it be she is scared of family and friends to see her?

we actually cant share the video with you due to our terms and policies but u can check on the screen below and watch from that Twitter handle.

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Lady goes N@k3t, shows her heavy 'buubs' in a new video

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