Lady confused as she does not known between her Dad and Brother who owns her pregnancy

A Nigerian lady has confessed on social media that she has slept with her dad and her stepbrother and is now pregnant but does not know who actually the pregnancy is for.

The lady who posted under the profile of an anonymous user, asked social media users to advice her on what to do.

I am presently 4 weeks pregnant and confused between my Dad and my stepbrother who is responsible for the child.

I grew up with my dad in Lagos after my mom died in a tragic car accident. My dad took care of me and gave me all I desired.

In this heartbreaking narrative, the young girl explains how she was in an abusive relationship, whereas her father raped her, beat her and many many more.

The love of money clouded my judgment, I couldn’t think straight. My Dad took me for picnics, movies, clubbing. All this while my father was aroused towards me.

On a trip sometime back my dad made advances to me. On a particular day, he touched my laps, tried to finger me but I rejected him shouting “No Dad this isn’t right!”

On returning home my dad locked me up and he raped me and that was how an illicit affair began. After every encounter, he gave me so much money to look away. With time i became used to the the illicit affair.

Right now I really like my step brother who moved in with us few months ago.

My dad had a son from a previous failed marriage when he was in America and I never got to know about him till he surfaced some months ago

He’s cute and very charming, on arrival I felt lust for him. I justified this act because of the pains my father, his dad had put me through the years.

In summary, I seduced him and we are currently having a secret relationship.

I reported the issue to one of his close friends he told me never to tell anyone that I should instead date him instead of my dad.

I have been bruised and hurt by my dad now I am pregnant and I have enough money I have saved to start a new life.

What should I do? Should i tell my dad and stepbrother am pregnant? Or

Take off with the child or quietly travel to USA have my child there and live a new life far away from these two evil men.