Lady calls off marriage as fiancé wants her to end communication with ‘caring’ baby daddy

Yvonne, a lady trending on Ghana Twitter feed, recently called off her impending marriage as her fiancé demanded that she break off all contact with her ex-lover and father of her child.

Yvonne refused to compromise the bond between her daughter and her ex-lover for the sake of pleasing her partner.

Despite his assurances, Yvonne saw no reason to cut ties with someone who cared for her and her daughter. She emphasized that just because she had ended things with him did not mean that their daughter should too.

Yvonne made it clear that she is not willing to neglect her children in order to please her future husband. She shared a WhatsApp conversation with her fiancé where she expressed her decision and gave him the option to accept it or cancel the marriage. While her post has received mixed reactions on social media, Yvonne firmly believes that the relationship between her daughter and father cannot be compromised for the sake of getting married or pleasing others.