Area Boys attacks lady who tattooed Bobrisky’s image on her skin

The Nigerian lady who tattooed the famous Nigerian crossdresser Bobrisky’s image on her back is said to have been assaulted and almost stripped off by local boys.

Area Boys attacks lady who tattooed Bobrisky's image on her skin 1

The conservative Nigerians can not understand anyone who professes love for what Bobrisky personifies and goes ahead to ink her image on her skin, provided the hatred extended to gays, lesbians, and any other sexual preference other than heterosexual people.

In order to detail her ordeal at the hands of gangbangers who attacked her for the Boborisky tattoo on her back, the lady made a long post online.

she took to Instagram and wrote;

“I didn’t want to do this before but I just had to…..Today is d most embarrassing day of my life and can’t stop my tears from flowing,Few hrs ago I was on my way to my mum’s place in ikorodu and just as I was standing and waiting to get bike,I noticed some guys staring at me but I looked away just for 2 of dem to approach me and asked if I was the shameless lady that has a tattoo of @bobrisky222 on my back”in yoruba language” at that point I was walking back to the street and dey came after me and tore my top,while trying to stop me and almost striped me naked,dey called me lots of names and one of dem remove he’s belt and as he was about to hit me with it,some passby intervene and d guys ran away.

Wat have I ever done to deserve this treatment as if calling me different bad names wasn’t enough I was embarrassing and just for wat….. I had a tattoo of my favourite celebrity on my body,is it because @bobrisky222 is a cross dresser or wat cuz I don’t really know how have wronged you all fear of stepping out of my apartment is really getting me crazy

Incase you are curious lemme tell you myself and @bobrisky222 As been talking since d day she posted my video so I have no reason to seek her attention ….

Plz Nigerian I beg u all to leave me and let me live my life in peace. ”

below is her post;

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Area Boys attacks lady who tattooed Bobrisky's image on her skin 2