“Ladies with fake long nails are more likely to contract the coronavirus”- Medical experts say

Medical experts in the UK, have disclosed that women with fake long nails are more likely to contract coronavirus because there is enough hiding space for the virus to hide.

British beauty and aesthetics expert at Bijoux Medispa in Belgravial, Dr Elisabeth Dancey revealed this to DailyMail.

“Long nails, nail varnish and nail extensions have always been a no-no for anybody who needs spotlessly clean hands; nurses, doctors, therapists, cooks, mothers and carers.”

“Germs such as bacteria, fungi and viruses (including the Coronavirus) can harbour underneath the nail space and easily be transmitted to whatever you touch. Put simply, you cannot see the dirt that lies beneath.”

“Doctors know this and rigorously scrub under their nails before donning gloves and performing surgery; with a sterile nail brush and sanitising solution. We should now follow their example.”

“It is advisable to cut your nails as short as possible as they harbour infection.”