“Kwaku Oteng bought a house for Akua GMB because she was homeless”- Afia Schar

Dr Kwaku Oteng and his estranged wife, Akua Amoakowaa, also known as Akua GMB, have been the subject of a stunning revelation by loudmouth Afia Schwar.

There were rumors circulating on Instagram not long ago that Dr Kwaku Oteng had gone to beg his estranged wife, Akua GMB, to buy her a house and a car in order to reintegrate her into his life.

Afia Schwarzenegger has acknowledged the rumor, but on a different note.

Dr Kwaku Oteng did not go to beg Akua GMB to welcome her back into his life, according to Afia Schwar; rather, he purchased the house for the divorced former beauty queen so that his children could have a comfortable place to live.

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Dr Kwaku Oteng allegedly bought the house for Akua GMB and their children because she was homeless and wandering around, according to Afia Schwar.

Dr Kwaku Oteng, she said, would never beg Akua GMB to return.

See the video below to learn more.