Kwaku Manu ‘fights’ his all grown up daughter over bread in new video

Kwaku Manu is a caring and devoted father who enjoys spending quality time with his children.

The video shows Kwaku Manu singing and dancing with his children while sharing a piece of bread. He playfully teases his kids, resulting in their wide smiles and enjoyment of each other’s company.

It’s clear that Kwaku Manu values the bond he has with his children and takes the time to nurture it.

In a world where many parents are constantly busy and distracted, it’s refreshing to see someone prioritize their family above all else. It’s no wonder that his children look so happy and content in his presence.

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 The heartwarming footage has gone viral, eliciting positive reactions from social media users who have praised the loving bond between Kwaku Manu and his children.

Additionally, the video captures a playful quarrel between Kwaku Manu and his daughter Vida as they compete for the bread, leaving viewers laughing.

Watch the video below: