“Kumawood producers almost killed the career of Ras Nene”- Oboy siki (video)

When it comes to humor in Ghana, no one other than famous Kumawood actor Ras Nene aka Likee and Aka Ebenezer is the guy keeping it down.

So far this year, the star has revealed his other side that has been shielded from the viewers and this has culminated in a controversy with several people questioning why he was never used in movies to play a comedic part.

People who watch Ghanaian movies, particularly those from Kumawood, can say the fact that in most of his films, Ras Nene often plays the role of an armed robber or a thug and seldom plays a different role.

actor Oboy Siki aka Boys Boys, who has collaborated on numerous projects with Ras Nene, has admitted that Kumawood directors and producers have almost destroyed Likee’s career.

Everyone in the industry who has collaborated with Ras Nene before knows for a fact that the guy is nice in terms of comedy, according to him, but the producers still insist on using him to play the part of bad boy.

He went on to state that he is thankful that Ras Nene has now discovered himself and is now shooting comedy skits that the majority of viewers have also embraced.

, watch the interview: