Kumawood Actor, Wayoosi Dresses Like A Woman And Dances In New Video – Watch

The hilarious video of Wayoosi dressed as a woman has been making waves on social media, leaving Ghanaians in disbelief. 

The Kumawood actor went all out, donning a wig and makeup to add authenticity to his performance. Viewers were left wondering if it was really him or someone else entirely. 

Despite the shock, many have praised Wayoosi for his commitment to the role and his ability to entertain his audience.

It is not out of character for Wayoosi to perform in such a way, as he is well known for his comedic roles in Kumawood films. 

In this particular performance, Wayoosi donned a wig and danced to Obuoba J A Adofo’s Yaa Boatemaa while singing along and brushing his wig from the sides of his cheeks like a woman would do. 

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The video was later shared on Instagram by Sammy Kay Media with the caption “Say hello to Aunt Wayoosi” due to his feminine appearance during the performance.

Watch the video below;