Kuami Eugene tells Tima kumkum he admires her a lot after Tima revealed she needed a man.

Lynx entertainment signee tend to provide love for older ladies. Kidi’s new baby mama is said to be a rich lady many years older than him.

Kuami Eugene, who is also a signee, seems to have a preference for older women after firing his shot at TV presenter Tima Kumkum a few weeks after she announced that in her life she was single and in search of a man.

In an Instagram chat with Tima, the Angela hitmaker shared his intense appreciation for her, even describing it as an obsession.

“I think I am you biggest fan. Or it just an obsession. Idk. But I admire you a lot“, he wrote.

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Tima responded shortly after his comment, claiming that she has long respected the Rockstar.

“Awwwwww you just made my day hun you have no idea how I also admire you too, this is humbling thank you, I’m super proud of you“, her response read.

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