Kuami Eugene Says He Finds His Househelp Mary Very Beautiful But She Will Not Get Pregnant For Him

Kuami Eugene has spoken about his housekeeper, Mary, whom he finds very attractive. However, he has made it clear that he will not have a romantic relationship with her. The musician sees Mary as a member of his family and has known her for two years since his fiancée introduced them. Despite Mary’s beauty, Kuami Eugene emphasized that he would not impregnate her.

He believes that it is important to maintain a professional relationship with his housekeeper and not mix business with pleasure. Kuami Eugene also stated that he respects Mary and her job, and he would not want to jeopardize their working relationship by getting involved romantically. This is not the first time the musician has talked about his stance on relationships with employees, as he has previously stated that he prefers to keep things strictly professional. Despite the media attention on his comments about Mary, Kuami Eugene has remained firm in his decision and continues to treat her with respect and professionalism.

“Mark my words, that will never occur. I value myself. I’ve never even considered collaborating with her,” the musician said.