Korean Man Stuns The Internet With His Twi Accent As He Is Spotted Pounding Fufu In New Video

Sekoreasechina, a Ghanaian-born Korean man who recently gained attention for his ability to speak Twi fluently, has received criticism for his inexperienced fufu-pounding skills.

In an Instagram video, the young man was first caught on camera fluently speaking Twi and showing off his long hair.

With his impressive accent, Sekoreasechina won the admiration of many social media users, particularly Ghanaians.

He has posted videos of himself pounding fufu, a traditional Ghanaian dish, on his page.

Sekoreasechina was discovered with a wooden pestle pounding cassava in a mortar. Despite his amateurish appearance, his videos drew reactions from social media users.

Watch his video below;