Kofi Adjorlolo reveals 7 movie producers owe him money and have refused to pay

Kofi Adjorlolo has disclosed in a trending video that, he is facing a financial crisis in his life because some movie producers have failed to pay him what is fairly due.

He revealed that about 7 movie producers are owing him money that if he got will greatly improve his current financial situation.

He said “Some of the producers in Ghana here, they should respect themselves…old man like me, they call me to come and work and they can’t pay me…”

“About seven producers in this country owe me monies…why? And then I’m sitting at home, I’m hungry, and then when I’m sick too nobody pays attention…Look we have elderly people lying down on their sickbeds and these producers owe them. Actors in Ghana here know what I’m talking about, these producers don’t pay!

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watch the video below.