King Promise teaches sarkodie how to dress; says he needs a big show to complete his swag (screenshot)

Sarkodie is not someone who likes posting his images on social media, but a sudden change in his brand marketing seems to have triggered him to post more photos of himself.

Yesterday, he posted an image of himself dressed like a Borga who just landed from Yankie and got many reactions from his fans and social media users.

His wife even told him that he was Guy Guy too much as his swag in the picture was on point.

King promise, who is well known for his good voice and sense of fashion and given out a fashion tip to rapper Sarkodie.

According to king promise, everything about Sarkodie’s dressing was on point, but next time he should wear big shoes to complete the swag.

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drip ni mu yedru! mipaatso next time w) no camboo k3sia mami na 3ny3 set” – he wrote

see a screenshot of the post below.