Kidi explains why he does not go to church. 1

Kidi explains why he does not go to church.

Secular Musicians like Kidi, mostly do not go to church with most of them staying away from church because of criticism.

Kidi in an interview with Amansan Krakye on Radio Central has revealed why he does not go to church as christian.

“Oh yeah I’m a Christian and I do go to church. But I don’t always get the chance to attend church service frequently because of my routine performance schedules.

“As a musician, I travel a lot to perform at different events in different parts of the country and some of these shows are often staged during the weekends.

“Sometimes I play a show in the midnight and by the time the show ends it will already be daybreak and when you return home it might be midday or in the evening.

“This makes it practically impossible to attend church service as frequently as I wish but when my schedule permits, I do go to church”.

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