Kelvin Taylor slams Empress Gifty over her Tweet after Piesie Esther failed to win artist of the year

Empress Gifty, a gospel singer, is facing criticism from Kevin Taylor for a tweet she made about her colleague gospel musician for failing to win the VGMA24 Artist of the Year award.

Before the ceremony, Black Sherif and Piesie Esther were seen as the top contenders for the prize, with many in the Christian community supporting Esther. Black Sherif ended up winning the award, beating out Esther who had a lot of support from the Christian community.

After Black Sherif was declared the winner, Empress Gifty tweeted “I need a new TABLE tomorrow.” Some people, including Kevin Taylor, believe that this tweet was making fun of Piesie Esther for coming in second place.

Kevin Taylor, who is known for being harsh in his criticism, has attacked Empress Gifty for her tweet. He believes that it was disrespectful to Piesie Esther and has called her out on it.

read the tweet below: