‘Keeping One Woman Saves You Money’- Pastor Advises

Popular Ghanaian Pastor, Eastwood Anaba has given a piece of very good advice to all men to be with only one woman.

according to the Man of God, it will be better for men to stick to their wives in other to save a lot of money.

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He said;

“I don’t see how you can sin and it won’t affect your finances. Keeping only your wife saves you a lot of money. Girlfriends, they will take your money oo!”.

adding that, side girlfriends who do not demand money only want to take your life so men should stop cheating and stick to their wives.

Pastor Eastwood added;

“A girlfriend who doesn’t take your money is a witch who is trying to kill you after one month. So they are not looking for your money, they are looking for your life.

So don’t be happy and say that you are dating a girl who doesn’t like money, who rather gives you money, she is buying you to chew you. You are a cow, she is going to chew you, and she is going to use you as ‘Chinchinga’. You are a walking ‘suya’,”