Kanayo O Kanayo responds to accusations of being labeled as a ritualist.

Kanayo O. Kanayo, a well-known Nollywood actor, responded to being labeled a ritualist by a hypeman in public. 

Despite his reputation for playing money ritual and occultic characters in Nollywood films, the actor posted an update on his Instagram page about his encounter with the hypeman, which showed him sitting with friends in an open arena as the hypeman performed.

In the video, the hypeman can be heard making the derogatory remark towards Kanayo O. Kanayo, causing the actor to respond with a calm demeanor. Kanayo explained that he understood that his roles in movies could influence people’s perception of him, but that it was not a reflection of who he is in real life.

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He went on to encourage people to separate fiction from reality and to not judge others based on their on-screen portrayals. Kanayo’s response garnered a lot of support from fans and fellow actors in the Nollywood industry, who praised him for his maturity and professionalism.

“Everybody go down cos it’s about to go down now. We are talking about ritualists. We are talking about men like KOK; Kanayo O. Kanayo..” He hyped.

Responding Kanayo said, “He don talk finish, don’t worry, he go meet us for 1 am.”

He also lauded the hypeman’s skills, as he captioned the Update, “Talents everywhere. Kudos. Keep Horning your skill. You will be celebrated.”