“Kaaka and those who k!lled him are all members of NPP”- DCE confirms

Hon. Salisu Bamba, the Ejura District Chief Executive (MCE), has spoken out about Mohammed Ibrahim alias Kaaka’s death.

Since the tragic death of the #FixtheCountry activist, many fingers have been pointed at the DCE, claiming that he was to blame.

Kaaka's Murder: MCE confirms knowing the alleged killers

Hon. Salisu told Kumasi-based Oyerepa FM that his feud with Kaaka was an internal matter because the dead was an NPP member and the accused killers were NPP members.

The two people arrested were his personal aide and his personal driver, it was revealed.

When asked if he knew the arrested suspects, he stated that he did, because they were all members of the same political party, the NPP.

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“I know the people,” he said. They are all members of our party, the NPP, including the deceased, Kaaka, but let us deal with the matter objectively. “

During the interview, the MCE claimed unequivocally that he was innocent of all that occurred to Kaaka, challenging anyone with evidence to provide it to the appropriate authorities so that he could be summoned.

“It is not correct… and anyone who has evidence against me for masterminding a person’s number can go to the police to have me arrested and prosecuted. He said, “We should not make political capital out of someone’s death.”