“Jump and watch them bounce,” Kafui Danku’s daughter excitedly instructs her mother on her b00bs as they bond together.

The fine-legged woman wore a dress with long sleeves and a left-side cut, while Baby Lorde sported a deep blue long-sleeved shirt, which her mother covered with a stick to maintain her privacy. 

As they walked down the street, the woman kept a watchful eye on her daughter, who seemed to be fascinated by everything around her. The autumn leaves rustled beneath their feet, and the cool breeze made the woman’s hair dance around her face. 

Despite the chill in the air, she felt a sense of warmth and contentment as she strolled along with her little girl. They were on their way to the park, where they would spend the afternoon playing and soaking up the sunshine.

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In the amusing video, Baby Lorde urged her mother to jump, and after some bouncing, the actress hugged her tightly and caressed her melons. The actress later hinted that this was a regular occurrence with her young children.

She wrote: This is what I go through sometimes.