“Joyce Blessing doesn’t talk to me because I exposed her for lying”- Anita Afriyie

Joyce Blessing and Anita Afriyie are not on speaking terms, according to Anita Afriyie.

"Joyce Blessing doesn't talk to me because I exposed her for lying"- Anita Afriyie 1

During an interview with ZionFelix on the ‘Uncut Show,’ the composer of ‘Adehye Mogya’ revealed this information.

Joyce Blessing had stopped talking to her after she made a remark about her alleged accident, she explained.

Anita Afiryie suspects the accident was staged and will continue to speak out about such conduct.

She claimed that she is disliked by the majority of Ghanaian gospel musicians due to her honesty.

Anita also urged them to avoid living such fictitious lives.

She went on to say that it was by God’s grace that they became popular.

Anita Afriyie said that she does not mind if people dislike her for speaking the truth.

Watch the whole interview in the video below.