You Ex shouldn’t be your friend – Journalist advises

Popular Ghanaian Journalist Yaa Kyeiwaa has urged everyone to never think of being friends with their Exes.

You Ex shouldn't be your friend - Journalist advises 1

according to her; “Some people say something that has been expired can be renewed but, in this case, it will depend on who in the relationship needs to be renewed”.

speaking with Mercy Bee on e.TV Ghana’s Girl Vibes, Yaa urged being friends with your Ex is very wrong because;

“If he is coming back with the same vibe and same energy he had when you both were together it won’t help you. So, before you renew a relationship with your ex you have to know what you’re doing and what you really want”.

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She stated that some exes only want an opportunity to be in your presence so that they can monitor you every day and learn what you are doing.

“Whether you’re still as naive and weak as they left you, they do not really want friendship”.

speaking further, the journalist advised that the only time to be friends with your Ex is when you have a child with him/her.

“When there is a child involved in this case both of you will have to come together to raise the child. You don’t have to necessarily be together to raise the child”